Reducing family conflict

We offer two types of mediation for families:
Child-focused or separation mediation which is generally called Family Mediation


Meditation around wider family issues which is generally called Intergenerational Mediation

Family Mediation

We understand that being a parent going through separation or divorce is tough and we are here to help. We support parents and children through family change and disruption as a result of separation, divorce or family restructuring.

How Family Mediation can help

The aim of mediation is to agree on practical, workable arrangements for the future, taking into account children’s views, needs and feelings. Our focus is on putting children’s needs first.

In mediation, we mainly work with parents whose relationship is over. However, our mediation team works with all sorts of families: – married and unmarried, younger and older, with or without children. Mediation can include other family members such as step parents or grandparents.

Family mediation helps families in conflict understand and communicate with each other better so they can make practical plans for the future. Our team of highly trained, professional mediators understand the complexity of family life, separation, divorce and family restructuring. They won’t take sides or make judgements.  They work with families in conflict to help them communicate more effectively with one another and consider options that will help them work through their differences.

Mediation can help minimise conflict, improve family life and help avoid long, painful and expensive legal battles.
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How mediation works

The mediation process begins with all participants meeting the mediator individually where concerns can be shared and options discussed. If participants agree that mediation is the way forward, and the service agrees that mediation is appropriate, a first joint mediation session will be arranged with the mediator. In mediation, participants will have the opportunity to talk about their concerns, explore options together and try to agree an acceptable way forward. Families may attend several mediation appointments.

Where & when do you offer mediation?

Family mediation sessions mostly take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings in Galashiels but other times and venues may be possible.

Direct consultation with children

Family mediation focuses on putting children first. Families can do this best by listening to and trying to understand them. We also offer the option of one of our mediators meeting the children individually to hear their views on what their parents have been discussing in mediation. The mediator agrees with the children what they would like to feed back into the mediation process for their parents to hear. See our Children and young people page.


Family mediation  and Direct consultation with children are chargeable services, however, if you are in receipt of Legal Aid these charges may be covered. Please see our fees and contributions page.


Parents can talk freely and frankly in mediation. What occurs during family mediation cannot be used in civil proceedings unless both parties want it to be or if there are issues regarding criminal activities or the children's welfare.

Mediators are bound by a duty of confidentiality, unless circumstances suggest that issues being discussed may pose a risk to clients or the wider community. Such issues include domestic abuse, child protection, money laundering and terrorism. In all circumstances, care is taken to protect confidentiality and no disclosure will be made without discussing the issues first, unless there is an urgent risk of harm.

Intergenerational mediation

We all experience conflict at some time in our lives.  When it is within the family it can make life very difficult for everyone. When conflict escalates people often stop hearing what the other person has to say and can become 'stuck' in opposing and defensive positions.

We can work with you to help you cope with what is going on, to try to understand each other's perspective and to find a more constructive way to communicate so that arguments don't get out of control.

Our team of mediators can help you sort out many types of family arguments and disputes such as:
• Conflict over teenagers’ behaviour or leaving home
• Step family issues
• Sibling rivalry
• Care of elderly relatives

There is a charge for this service. See our Fees and Contributions page.